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Easily establish your own online presence, using only your laptop and internet connection, and start selling products for other companies, freeing you up to do the things you love.

Martin Priest

Welcome! I started my journey into the on-line business world after my job was being made obsolete by automation.

As a training instructor and I would deliver theory lessons to a class of students and finish with the exam. However, the Accreditation Training Body are now allowing candidates to do the same lessons and test online and print off their own certificate making my job obsolete.

It was then I decided to make the computers work for me. There’s a wonderful world of opportunities on the internet and I went for it and I’m not looking back and I want to show you what’s possible for you to.

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My story

HAULAGE Never Again

Forty years spent in my working career, nine years in the haulage business and 15 years in the property business has taught me one thing, bricks & mortar businesses or working for an employer will never set you free. The Quest for prosperity has caused me to make decisions and take action that ultimately lead to heartache.

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Martin’s Bio

I’m a former haulage contractor who managed the business for 9 years.

I gave it up to start full-time employment again and over the following 9 years, I qualified as a senior international training instructor for Health, Safety and Plant.

Since early 2017 I have been developing and growing my online business with a professional team of industry experts. We are like-minded entrepreneurs working together to help people achieve what they didn’t know was possible.

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here what our students have to say

DISCLAIMER, although these testimonials are real life experiences of people who use our products and services, they’re based on achievements by individuals, these results are not guaranteed. It will depend on the effort you put in that determines success levels.



I only wanted to learn internet marketing when I joined SFM. I’m a realistic person, I’m down-to-earth and I don’t suffer fools gladly. I worked as a Mortgage agent and I’m used to extensive training in financial regulations. After buying a few other utterly rubbish internet marketing courses and then asking for my money back, I started to wonder if I would ever find a company who would be credible. Then I found the Six Figure Mentors and everything changed for the better.
I got so much more than just an education on marketing online. I joined membership and have a whole new group of friends from all over the world who make up the SFM community. We are all interested in achieving the same thing and we share our knowledge and information with each other.
The fact that SFM incorporate your own personal development as an integral part of the training makes it so much more friendly and informal then I knew I’d joined the right team.
It can be difficult for employees to start thinking like entrepreneurs when they are used to earning an hourly rate or salary. I know because I did that for years and the SFM training is designed to help people to stop thinking as an employee and start becoming an entrepreneur. When you first start learning online marketing sometimes you need to get over a hurdle and its days like that you really need the positive support of the SFM. All I do is listen to the recorded trainings or listen live and hook up on the online groups and I’m back on track. It’s important to me to have this huge advantage of being a member of the Six Figure Mentors, you’re never alone and there is always help at hand.

~ chris idle



At the same time, I joined the SFM affiliate program, I was a student at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.
I enrolled myself in their online platform going for a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
After I started my training with the Six Figure Mentors I completely lost interest in the university curriculum and gained more valuable knowledge in two days with SFM than I did in two months whilst at Full Sail University.

I am so very grateful to have discovered the Six Figure Mentors. Thank you!

~ matthew dacosta



“I got started as an entrepreneur in 2012 yet never considered the importance of working with other people in my business. I’ve always had this, do it alone attitude towards business, however after experiencing the empowerment of working together with the SFM community and leadership, I don’t want to ever go back.
With the SFM I have experienced incredible friendship, leadership and support and the DEA opened me up to my true potential and I have discovered the power of working with others to achieve my ambitions and allowing me to give back to thousands of other people around the world by sharing my message online, my business has given me a purpose in life and fulfilment through job satisfaction.
The Six Figure Mentors are attracting the kind of people who have an entrepreneur attitude and I am extremely thankful I found Jay and Stuart and everyone in the SFM member community.
I believe I have a great future ahead. I’ve got a great purpose in life now, and not only that, I now have the technology, the strategy, the Mentorship, and all the support I need to make it a reality.

~ Claire smith

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